About us


Pazza Idea is a project organised by Luna Scarlatta, a cultural association that conceives, plans and produces cultural events. It was founded by Emilia Fulli and Mattea Lissia, who have ten years’ shared experience organising festivals, expositions, forums, conferences, debates, vernissages, exhibitions, theatrical and cinematic premières, and events large and small in different cultural domains including literature, cinema, music, the visual arts, and theatre.

For these events they have been responsible for planning and writing plans, organisational co-ordination and secretarial tasks, communication plans and strategies, press office, external relations, direction and supervision of content, relationships with institutions and funders, editorial co-ordination, editing and copywriting. They have also worked on activities for specific groups of users, with projects aimed at teenagers, hospitalised children, prisoners and those suffering from mental health problems.

Luna Scarlatta nurtures this cross-sectional appeal, both in conceiving and organising its own events, and in sharing specific skills it has developed with other bodies (cultural associations, institutions, foundations, festivals and publishers). Luna Scarlatta gives all projects the same care and attention.