Pazza Idea

The Pazza Idea festival explores the complex social and cultural background to contemporary life through the interpretative and educational possibilities of books, and offers opportunities for people to meet and discuss ideas. It explores the times we live in from the always different and privileged viewpoint of art. The festival considers books, narratives, new forms of language, art, cinema, poetry and interactivity, and proposes distinctive perspectives and points for reflection.

It is a project about books and reading, but its focus is on creativity, new forms of language, and involving and attracting the attention of young readers. And Pazza Idea is not just about creativity as artistic flair, but as the ability to read the present and confront the future: as a tool for analysing and understanding everyday life, a weapon for problem solving and innovation, and an essential ingredient in creating one’s own authentic professional and personal life-path. Pazza Idea offers a literary programme of meetings, practical workshops, readings, panels and screenings in which writers, philosophers, directors, TV scriptwriters, political commentators, journalists, creative practitioners, digital culture experts, bloggers, entrepreneurs and researchers all offer different perspectives on creativity as a necessary tool for managing everyday life and cultural, artistic and educational pathways.

Pazza Idea. Bellezza e Rivoluzione 2019
The 2019 edition is dedicated to the great themes of Beauty and Revolution. A reference to the direct and often subversive force of beauty in all its forms, its educational power for all the generations, especially its salvific function in the difficult times we live in. All revolutionary elements, because they are capable of activating changes and progress.

Pazza Idea. Femminile Plurale 2018 

The title of this year’s festival, Femminile Plurale, is a committed statement of the view of the world we will seek to explore, with our usual interdisciplinary approach: the view of the female perspective as an ‘other’ not juxtaposed to but collaborating with the male approach which up to now has been regarded as standard. We will therefore consider women as silent protagonists or as protagonists revealed by art, literature, society and modern forms of language; and we will explore their own testimony of their lives and careers to see how they navigate this complex world. We will use stories, narratives and practical examples, and involve different kinds of audiences, in our examination of this very topical theme. The theme’s topicality, and general public interest in all aspects of the female, after a year of worldwide phenomena such as the #MeToo movement, and in general renewed interest in feminism, allow us to identify various aspects of this year’s Pazza Idea theme. Work, art, literature, science, relationships, ecology and civil rights are just some of the areas we want to explore.

Pazza Idea. Profilo Futuro 2017

carattere-speciale_nPazza Idea festival explores the complex social and cultural scenarios of the contemporary world through the interpretative and educational capacity of books, offering opportunities for meeting and discussing. This year the theme of the festival will be “Profilo Futuro” and the focus will be on “future”. Writers, authors, journalists, performers and artists, starting from the past, observing the present and imagining the future, will interpret our time. Each one with a singular vision, through own proper storytelling capacity, and at the same time in a collective way; someone in “future” mode in a path between literature, narration, new languages, art, cinema, poetry and new digital forms, with a distinctive and strong character, in a new and always useful, necessary way. To tell with art and literature an idea of “Future” that has a high profile and that hopefully is the best possible.

Pazza Idea. CaЯatteЯe Speciale 2016










Pazza Idea. Progetto Creativo 2015










Pazza Idea. Talento Creativo 2014


Pazza Idea. Pensiero Creativo 2013