of Pazza Idea

Pazza Idea is a bright space of aggregation, where culture encourages new encounters and creates deep connections between people.

Tens, hundreds, thousands of people have taken an interest in the festival in all its complexity over the past 12 years, which seems both very few and very many at the same time.

Many of them have become friends and supporters of our ambitious project, some have been passing through, others discover us every year, but really many of them come back and come back and come back again…

And our photographer is always ready to capture them.

Each one of them, each one of you, thanks to different sensitivities and points of view, gives Pazza Idea added value.

That’s why we thought of highlighting your smiles, your expressions: #FaccedaPazzaIdea that emanate serenity and desire for exchange and knowledge.

Guests, audience, staff: one big family!

And are you there?