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Cos’è stato Pazza Idea. Abitare Trasformazioni

“Gratitude and thankfulness, small steps towards happiness!”

“And I have the privilege and fortune to do this every edition of Crazy Idea but, after this 2023 edition that has just ended, I feel the urgency even more.

Knowing that you can count on a large, passionate, curious and generous audience. In a city, Cagliari, that never disappoints.

All of us together can make it, when we look in the same direction, that of beauty, of deepening, of sharing, of studying and working, and always throwing our hearts over the hurdle. In a year full of stumbles and rebirths, of ‘no’ becoming ‘yes’, of retractions becoming opportunities.

So today I want to thank each and every person who contributed to the success of the 2023 edition, in front of and behind the scenes:

A STAFF that gives pieces of life and does so unsparingly.

Valuable VOLUNTEERS who only ask to participate in a moment of collective growth.

TRAINEES who, once graduated, will donate their perspicacity to the world.

All and all together, only in this way will we always be able to find the square of the circle.”

This is how our artistic director, Mattea Lissia, closed the 2023 edition.

A special edition that saw us inhabit the transformations and never undergo them, a four-day event of meetings, workshops, exhibitions, readings, music, panels… that mingled with emotions, colours, perfumes, flavours, wonder and a great desire to be together.

What, then, was Pazza Idea. Living Transformations?

It was:

Great returns.
Enthusiastic confirmations.
Beautiful discoveries.
New friendships.
Absolute novelties. Some examples? Introductory speeches to the evenings, radio interviews throughout the festival, playlists on Spotify…
A delicate and very moving moment dedicated to the day for the elimination of violence against women, 25 November.

And what else?

Super motivated volunteers and trainees.
An increasingly passionate audience.

If you followed us, what else did you notice?

The four days went like this…

A packed “Ghetto” and many smiles: for the first day (Thursday 23 November) of #PazzaIdea23 we couldn’t have asked for better.

With a toast, we inaugurated Fabio Magnasciutti’s exhibition and kicked off the evening, which continued with the moving reading ‘Gli amori difficili’ by Andrea Bosca and music by Luigi Frassetto and Francesco Sergi.

Then the talk full of memories and anecdotes by Fabio Lovino, a career on the side of losers. Finally, a moving (and at times ironic) tribute to Patrizia Cavalli closed the evening.

The second day (Friday 24 November) opened with workshops by Vera Gheno, Pierluigi Vaccaneo and Lavinia Bianchi. A special overture by Matteo B. Bianchi introduced us to Friday afternoon.The classics of Cesare Pavese proposed by Andrea Bosca, Francesca Berardi and Pierluigi Vaccaneo, contemporary literature by Veronica Raimo, Paolo Milone and Matteo B. Bianchi, current affairs and the rights of minorities according to Vera Gheno, Giulia Siviero, Giusi Marchetta and Ester Cois… and finally, the heart-wrenching poetry of Patrizia Valduga, interpreted by Maria Loi and the bandoneon of Daniele di Bonaventura: Friday 24th was a spectacular second day!

The circularity that marked the events of the third day (Saturday 25 November) of #pazzaidea23 is curious: it began with songwriting and the writing of emotions with Ilaria Porceddu, continued with Ilaria Gaspari’s speech, also based on the human capacity to communicate and inhabit emotions, and the philosopher’s dialogue with the writer Roberto Cotroneo, which took us to a dimension of reflection on ourselves, on our depths. The evening ended with poems set to music by singer-songwriter Maria Antonietta.

But it didn’t end there, because in between we met other crazy and crazy guests. First with workshops by Mafe De Baggis and Filippo Pretolani, Ilaria Gaspari and Fabio Magnasciutti, as well as Ilaria Porceddu. During the long afternoon we had with us: Annamaria Testa, Francesca Lagioia, Mafe De Baggis, Giada Arena, Silvia Semenzin, Beatrice Cristalli, Florinda Fiamma: we like to consider them a girl squad of experts in the field of communication, new technologies and languages. If you had missed them, and we hope not, we invite you to catch up on their work!

A moving moment of sharing, the one dedicated to 25 November, the day for the elimination of violence against women, fully restored to us the power of sharing, the power of words, the need to talk about it together and loudly, together with so many* guests, staff, public, volunteers

Sunday 26th closed #pazzaidea23 with exceptional events!

Leo Ortolani and his Tarot Cards in the name of self-irony, the exciting poetry reading from shore to shore by Yari Selvetella (but how many excellent actresses and extraordinary actors does Sardinia have? And W Iranian women!) enlivened the morning.

By early afternoon, the frenzy of preparations for the grand finale was palpable. In a crescendo of anticipation we met Melania Mazzucco and her wonderful artists, Sonya Orfalian and her little Armenians, John Ironmogner and the polar bear.

Milo De Angelis and Viviana Nicodemo gave us moments of the highest poetry, and singer-songwriter Giovanni Truppi an intimate and collected chat.


It was good to be there, it was good to Abitare le Trasformaziuoni together.

The trail of beauty continues with #PazzaIdea23, in attesa di #PazzaIdea24